22 miles - An Overview

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In the uk road signals use m since the abbreviation for mile even though height and width restrictions also use m since the abbreviation for the metre, which may be displayed together with feet and inches.[five] The BBC design and style holds that "There isn't any appropriate abbreviation for 'miles'" and so it ought to be spelt out when Utilized in describing regions.[6] Historic miles[edit]

Scalebar over a sixteenth-century map created by Mercator. The scalebar is expressed in "Several hours walking or common Flemish miles", and involves 3 real scales: small, medium and massive Flemish miles

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The abbreviation for mile is 'mi'. There are much more specific definitions of 'mile' like the metric mile, statute mile, nautical mile, and survey mile. On This website, we think that if You merely specify 'mile' you'd like the statute mile.

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The origins of English models are "really obscure and unsure",[seventeen] but seem to have been a combination of the Roman method with native British and Germanic methods both derived from multiples of your barleycorn.[n 3] Likely because of the reign of Edgar inside the 10th century, the nominal prototype Bodily typical of English duration was an arm-duration iron bar (a yardstick) held from the king at Winchester;[eighteen][twenty] the foot was then one-3rd of its duration.

The nautical mile was initially defined as one minute of arc together a meridian with the Earth.[76] Navigators use dividers to phase off the space involving two details to the navigational chart, then spot the open up dividers towards the minutes-of-latitude scale at the edge of your chart, and read off the gap in nautical miles.

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Below American regulation, on the other hand, the "statute mile" refers to the US study mile.[3] Overseas and historical models translated into English as miles commonly utilize a qualifier to describe the sort of mile being used but This can be omitted if it is clear with the context, like a dialogue with the 2nd-century Antonine Itinerary describing its distances concerning "miles" in lieu of "Roman miles".

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